One last hurrah for summer stripes...

As my hometown readies itself for a typical San Francisco summer, the seasons here are curtsying one another giddily as they do a little dance and change places. It's basically weather roulette from day to day - one day this weekend a plaid wool minidress and oxblood riding boots were appropriate, the next I wore this snug, striped cotton number from French Connection, and I even had a refreshing Pimm's cup full of homegrown basil and fresh blackberries as refreshment!

Some of the super tall trees in our backyard are starting to show turning leaves, and everywhere you look there are tiny glimpses of what's to come: glossy crimson, deep mustard yellow, fiery orange. It's exciting, and every time I get a little sad and wistful that our time on the front porch has been too brief this summer, I remind myself that we have a mortgage and plenty of years to make good use of it in the future. I suppose we'll drag the poufs, wicker loveseat and glass coffee table down into the basement for the winter, and perhaps replace it with something a bit more resilient - maybe a cast-iron bistro set?

Not that I think we'll want to sit out much when it's hovering around 20°F, but every now and again it'd be nice to sit out for a bit with a hot cup of coffee or cocoa, and get some fresh air, don't you think? Will our festive patio lights survive the winter, or should we bring them in, too? I don't know these things!

Last week while I was sick as a dog M was back home at a conference for work (she even met up with my mom and best friend for a reunion dinner of sorts - so jealous!). While our darling petite did all she could to fill M's shoes while she was gone, we both missed her terribly and were ecstatic to fetch her from the airport early Friday night. She got to relax and unwind a bit at home before we set out to the Paradise Rock Club in Brighton to see the Stars play, and she also presented us with very sweet trinkets - something my own mom did when she used to go on trips for work herself and I was a little girl. I always got treats from Hello Kitty!

Our very first houseguest (after my mom) arrived last night and we stayed up all hours talking and catching up. It's wonderful! She's in town for work, too, but we'll have her to ourselves for the most part tomorrow until her flight on Wednesday night. It's so interesting to hear the feedback on the house from someone back home; to see things how they see them and listen as they point out things only someone close to you can!

M took the day off so we all walked to a lovely neighborhood diner for brunch around noon. The day couldn't have been more gorgeous. Just a handful of fat white clouds in a spectacularly brilliant blue sky. Brunch was delicious - pumpkin pancakes for me, kielbasa Eggs Benedict for M, and a Mediterranean omelette for our guest. Afterward we took a long walk to our little dock on the Charles, and followed a path along the river to the Watertown Dam and lounged on the porch until it was time to run our guest into Boston for some meetings for the day.

Left alone with the rest of the afternoon, M & I decided to partake in some local adventures in thrifting, followed by an early dinner and her very generous offer to accompany me to my favorite posh little salon for a nail polish change (as a thank you, I let her pick the color). Boston sparkled and shone in the low angled light of autumn, and we both just felt incredibly lucky - to have one another, to be well, to live here, to be so blissfully in love. What a dream life is sometimes!  XOXO!

Dress: French Connection Havana Clutch: J. Crew Marley Pumps: Marco Santi Pearl Cluster Ring: Betsey Johnson

*very important side not: Bird and Chipotle are wearing their new LGBT for Obama bandanas!