Old St. George's

01-DSC07634 02-DSC07629 03-DSC07462 Ducks in a row! So cute!

Welcome to St. George's, which used to be called New London, and why the English bothered to go any further than this is beyond me. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to a spattering of buildings and structures from the early 1600s, lots of wee little islands home to old forts and batteries, and the most striking harbor waters I've ever seen in my life. Lucky ducks, indeed!

04-DSC07610 05-B-FFAF-B-003

It was New Year's Eve day and we all decided to spend the afternoon there after I returned from a morning horseback ride. You can't tell, but I have a swollen lip from where a branch smacked me in the face while cantering up a narrow but lush, tropical trail!

The 1.5 hr. ride went at least an hour over (I wasn't complaining, believe me - the views and galloping through the waves breaking at my toes were spectacular) and my best friend, M and the petite had all been waiting for me. I tried texting from atop my horse, Lucky, to no avail. M was so worried she'd been calling every stable on the island! I was sweaty and sore and smelled like a barncat, but peeled off my jeans and tank and threw this dress on, mussed some dry shampoo into my hair and twisted it up into this haphazard twist, and off we went to St. George's.

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Which is gorgeous, as you can see. Old and marvelous! I'm a sucker for glossy black doors, may our next home be blessed with one. (We can't mess with the Victorian palette on ours.) Can you see the little crosses in the wood panels above the green shutters in St. Peter's Church? After it blew down 84,000 times, they wizened up and made a framework from precious Bermuda cedar, with limestone walls and a slate roof just like every other standing house there.

2-DSC07565 08-DSC07609 09-DSC07639 1-DSC07590 10-DSC07487

This fantastic old penny farthing was one in a pair permanently parked outside the delightful Bermuda Hat Lady Millinery Shop, which was sadly closed for the holiday. The windows were decked out with Christmas decorations and returning to have a look around inside would justify another trip back on its own! So darling, and the millinery looked divine.

12-DSC07494 11-DSC07459 13-DSC07547 1-DSC07599

The famous golden onion for the NYE drop in St. George's Town Hall!

All over the island you could see some still-battered areas from Hurricanes Gonzalo and Fay, which gave the island a one-two whack within days of each other last fall. Sailboats washed ashore or flipped upside down in a bay, swaths of upturned or lashed trees in great big fields, a few rooftops crumbling under blue tarps whipping around in the wind, and a few of the shops closest to the water in St. George's were just reopening after fixing damage and flooding.

Shop owners met customers with genuine warmth and gratitude - there's a still a long winter before throngs of tourists return with an influx of cash, and living on the island is expensive. Outside of an obligatory stop at Marks & Spencer, we made an effort to spend at shop local and handmade as much as possible!


I'll take a break from Bermuda to post some wintry looks next time, but I hope you're enjoying a look around this gem of an island through my lens. Keep warm, the feels-like this sunny Saturday morning is -10°F!

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