Oh, I've got the blues alright.

Welcome to my tall glass of water.

Imagine you're a sweet femme on a clear winter's day, parked under a tree with your pretty .25mm pen with ink the richest shade of nutmeg brown, scribbling lists into a Moleskine or doing a crossword or sketching squirrels in book margins and pretending the world isn't tucked under the bright green grass beneath you. Imagine that you look up just as this tomboy saunters by, walks up to the Conservatory of Flowers, finds the doors locked, the little ticket booth with a sign that says it's closed, scratching her head and furrowing her perfect eyebrows up at the clouds behind you. Imagine the lilt in your gut as a rabble of butterflies sighs and changes tack.

OK, you can stop imagining now. I took these as M walked back to where her mother and I were sitting and talking. Can you believe that in just a month or so, we'll have been in each other's lives for six years? It's unreal, and wonderful.


Look at this little son of a bitch. They were everywhere. I wouldn't call them aggressive, but they were very bold. We have something to share with you. You might have easily seen it already on BBC3, or read about it from the fine folks over at Autostraddle, but we watched the first season in its entirely over New Year's weekend, and are super impatient for the second season to air become available in the US. What is it? A new lesbian drama called Lip Service, set in Glasgow with lots of hot dykes with accents and a whole really lot of feelings and chaos and fucking up and fucking. You should totally see it! A good friend tipped us off to the full episodes available for free at Stagevu.com!

I'm not saying Frankie is a squirrel, but...the similarities are there.

The fine folks at Goya Zoya are offering three bottles of nail polish FREE if you like their Facebook page! You make the obscenely difficult choice of picking just three of their nail polishes (though you get loads of freebies if you purchase $30 and $50 in product, just saying), pay for shipping and voila! Hotness you can type with. Their polishes are vegan-friendly, and formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and camphor-free, so you can feel good about pampering yourself! I got these awesome shades - what I'm hoping will be a 2011 honeysuckle, a shimmery periwinkle blue, a bright, pink-red poppy and a dirty, bloody red:

In the above pics the tomboy is wearing skinny RSQ NY jeans with a BEN SHERMAN shirt, a PENGUIN tie and BRIARD Italian wool sweater.

Boots by MARC NASON and EDDIE BAUER messenger bag.

If you mashed these colors together, you'd get something like this San Francisco sunset over the Sutro Bath ruins at the Pacific coast. We didn't get a new dog. That's just old Laddy, and he likes to hang out and intimidate the fine patrons of Tal y Tara, a real gem tucked away in the Richmond District. Isn't he precious?

Well, it's late and I've got a busy week ahead of me - a ski bunny summit with a few other femmes at the Lex to discuss plans for an upcoming winter wonderland weekend, an overdue visit from a dear friend, the Original Plumbing Fashion Party, the final meeting for Anna Karenina with my book club - so I'll leave you with these last few sweeter-than-sugarplums snapshots and bid you goodnight!