Of All Places

DSC06441-001 Another Sunday, another floral dress.

Last week started off mellow, sped up like whoa, and here we are: Easter! Patriot's Day! The Boston Marathon!

It's strange to think about this time last year. We'd spent Easter weekend at a resort in Vermont (of all places). The tomboy was working on Newbury Street at a startup in an office above Agent Provocateur (of all places); her coworkers invited her to join them at the finish line to celebrate. I had a stylist training at a Starbucks near the finish line (of all places) that same evening.

Easter Sunday

We were home safe when we got the news. We'd just gotten back with a car full of flowers and mulch from Arsenal Mall's Home Depot (of all places!), with absolutely no idea it would become base command by week's end. Or that "home safe" would feel anything but for awhile. I remember walking down the street, days after it all ended, and briefly wondering why a boat on a trailer was being escorted onto the Pike by the flashing lights of cop cars and then realizing, "Oh my god, it's the boat."

I guess "strange" doesn't begin to cover it.


Boston's a little big city, especially on Patriot's Day. The marathon runs right through the heart of our town, home to Heartbreak Hill. Most everyone here has a version of this story; ours is thankfully unremarkable, but I never did tell it last year.

A lot of locals were crushed that we'd never get to experience the untouched traditions of the marathon - glad for our safety, of course - but truly sorry, like the kindest hosts apologizing for a devastating earthquake during a dinner party. Completely unnecessary and unable to be helped, but that kind of selfless, earnest pride in one's home and traditions is rare and really touching, and will stick with me for a very long while.


This year M is at work, the kiddo's on Spring Break (and teenagers are wont to sleep in whenever possible), and it's a really gorgeous day. I have a feeling it'll stay that way, and I think I'll just park myself in the garden again. Drinking up the sunshine and making stuff grow seems like a good enough tradition to keep. The budding magnolia and weeping cherry blossoms and hyacinth need some company!



Can you tell I'm excited that the forsythia are in bloom here? They're just so impossibly cheerful.

So is this silken frock and I could use a closet full of 'em. The shape is so simple and easy to throw on, but the buttery yellow, soft peachy cream and shadowy black print kicks things up a notch or two. I thought I'd edge it up with the leather jacket and sporty sandals, but next time I'll switch them out for a fringed, cropped kimono and chunky wooden platforms.




It's finally been nice enough to ride, so I've been back at the lesson barn and also up at the little barn, helping get the horses clipped and clean of their winter coats, going to saddle fittings and now it's time to break the new ones in!

I've also been busy with coding classes at Girl Develop It and had the pleasure of attending a happy hour last week with the local chapter of Lesbians Who Tech in Cambridge. It was wonderful meeting everyone, and really cool to hear about how other people are queering tech - the fields they're in, the companies they work for, the projects they're on. Can't wait for the next one!


'Patricia' 3/4 Sleeve Dress in Leaves - Fluet (similarly cut styles in fun prints here, here and here)| Leather Jacket - Zara (similar here) | The 'Chain Minibag' in Calf Hair - Madewell (similar here) | Platform Sandals - Olsenhaus | 'Vertical Sahara Sand' Ring - House of Harlow 1960 | Earrings - J. Crew | Necklace - Crossroads Trading Co. | 'Kochana' Headband - Anthropologie

Autostraddle posted my Guide to Spring Wedding Style last week, so go on and check that out.

Related: I'm so excited for A-Camp and it's only four weeks away! (California, here I come!) In addition to my panels and one-on-one style sessions, I'll be leading a DIY flower crown workshop. C U T I E   P I E   S T U F F. Read more about it here. Soon!