No, no, no.

When: Sunday, October 5th, 2008.

What: Navy dress with ruffled front from Target, red plaid cape from the Laney fleamarket, coat of arms pin from Tristan. Bag by Emilie M., Gucci scarf, red rose barrette from Tiny Sparkles and navy patent pumps by Nine West.

Confession: I'm so sorry, there is no puppy makeover post. I know, I know. The groomer took one look at the trembling and unruly Conor and said, in his elusive South American accent, "No. No, no, no. I no groom him today. No."


Our special needs puppy is so...special. Alfonso allowed us into the salon, where we talked and let Conor off-leash for about 30 minutes. Alfonso sat on the floor, threw Conor into his lap, and started to snuggle and kiss and pet Conor. It was insane. Gradually, Conor became slightly more comfortable, but Alfonso wants us to drop him off in a few small increments of time - one half hour here, another hour or so there - in the next week or so before he grooms Conor on Friday. He even asked us to leave the two of them alone yesterday while M & I went to get coffee, so we did. There were appx. six other puppies there as well. In the window. THE WINDOW. Just like the song. I swear to God. When we returned (it really did feel like dropping your kid off at preschool for the first time, Best In Show kidding aside), Conor was sitting primly in the window with the other puppies:






  Conor asks that you pls. have a little patience, and hopefully there will really and truly be a puppy makeover post next weekend. We also have to ply the wee shy guy (M is trying to rename him "Birdie" which I think is just so rotten) with this flower remedy stuff called Bach. Hand to God, I don't know why we have two such special dogs. One chases 18-wheelers and the other one hides behind mama's legs like a little scaredy cat baby.

Bless it.

Check this out:


Both were part (officially or otherwise) of the Annual Black Cowboy Parade & Festival here in Oakland. The guy who played Don King in Rocky V was there, too. FREAKING AMAZING. Let's just say that yesterday, more than any other day this year, I needed surprise puppies in windows and ponies in my life, and Old Oakland seemed to know it.