No Dice

Hi. My cardigan is the color of putty and has many navy blue dice outlines all over it! M says the outfit makes me look like an old-timey gambling addict (in a good way, whatever that means in tomboy-speak), and I like it a lot. I suppose I like a good gamble just as much as the next guy, I enjoy Blackjack and Texas Hold 'Em, but I deeply loathe casinos. Hate casinos.

They smell like cigarettes and death, the air is cheap and full of desperation, and the majority of the people who are there thoroughly enjoying themselves are zombies (seriously, they have the blankest stares I've ever seen) or tracksuit-clad train wrecks. Some people might urge me to yank the stick out of me arse, but it's just not my scene. Obviously. 

Um, back to the cardigan! Isn't it adorable? (HOLY SHIT SANTANA JUST SLAPPED THE FUCK OUT OF FINN ON GLEE, OMG OMG) Sorry about that. Where was I? Oh, yes. Anyway, just darling. I picked it up at a Crossroads on mega-clearance for next to nothing, but it's by a brand called POL that Modcloth sells, apparently. It reminds me of the terrible English teacher we had in the 8th grade, for she was twee and very meek and as a result, the kids would gather in the corner of her classroom and shoot craps on the floor.

Poor Miss Bell. I think that was her name, I can't remember. It's probably because she gave me permission to skip her class twice a week for choir practice, or because sometimes I'd get so bored I'd climb up onto the window ledge and take a nap, like a kitten. Kids brought booze into her class, too, and one time this skater kid set an anarchy symbol made out of hairspray on the floor on fire. He was a good kid, he made me a pretty sweet mix tape once. We were just so bored! God, the 8th grade. I was also in the Mathletes club, and alternated between wearing baby doll dresses and those really big "houser" break-dancing t-shirts.

Casinos and junior high. So weird. So, I broke up with my horseback riding instructor yesterday (and by default, the horse I've been riding all year, Dakota) and it really felt like a breakup. I was kind of a mess all evening, but I'm doing much better today. I'm either terrible at goodbyes or I greatly underestimated how attached you can get to an animal after nine months.

I decided to postpone starting at my new riding school by a week, to give myself a little mourning period. Related: A dear friend in Brooklyn decided to start taking lessons herself. I didn't even know there were horses in Brooklyn, but I think it's awesome!

OK, here's the DL on the rest of this little getup:

Cardigan: POL Skirt: Gap Suede Pumps: Franco Sarto Sunglasses: Vintage Watch: Asos Necklace: Culp Baubles Pearl Earrings: Banana Republic Rose Brooch: Somewhere in Dublin, I believe. I can't remember, but I adore it.

Halfway there to this posting daily in November business - it's hard work!