No. 1 History

Thanksgiving's almost here!

I'm getting so excited. My plaid dress from Karen Walker is all ready, I just finished a beautiful manicure to go with it, now all I have to do is make final decisions about which tights and shoes to wear. I spent all day cleaning in preparation for the in-laws, so tomorrow is just finishing touches and a bit of laundry, plus a few fast, easy trips to grab things like fresh produce and flowers and whatnot, and then baking! M is working from home and the petite's break started today, and everything is going to be lovely. (Even if the weather says rain. I hope my mother has lots of firewood. So cozy!)

I bet you're wondering what on earth my crazy absurd collage is all about, eh? Well, they're some of my favorite at the moment - I'll kindly elaborate!

  1. Zoya's Dea nail polish. The description said it was a warm milky light brown, and that's exactly what it is! So natural. My Thanksgiving manicure has this as a base, with dark berry tips (Jessica's Sexy Siren). The two are lovely together!
  2. Dahlias. One of my favorite flowers, especially mixed in bouquets with blood red, gold and muted pink blooms.
  3. Rediscovering my old Besame foundation, I'll tell you why when we get to No. 6!
  4. Best Coast's album. I know, I know! I can't help it. The petite and I are obsessed. We watch this video (Drew Barrymore did it!) A LOT.
  5. Silver spring clips! Mine are glorious and from a little trinket shop in Dublin. I took a thin piece of wood and put seven wee nails into it, hammered the whole shebang into the wall, and now I have a brand new place to hang my scarves in the bedroom! Just clip the corner of the scarf and hang it on a nail! It's organized and gorgeous.
  6. The Beauty Blender. I was kind of skeptical but figured what the hell, why not? I'm so glad I did, these things are fussy but worth it, I think. The Besame foundation (#3) is so pigmented  and rich that it was next to impossible to apply to get the finish I wanted, but the BB does it beautifully.
  7. ALL THE GRAVY AND BUTTER AND ROLLS. It's kind of silly because 2/3 of this is generally available to me all the time. Add my mama's turkey gravy and the experience becomes elevated and holy. I don't know. I'm a bread and butter, meat and potatoes kind of girl, so the Thanksgiving meal is kind of my jam. I focus on the basics and completely ignore the rest. In this regard M & I are truly perfect for one another, because she loathes turkey (and I ham) and gobbles up all the sides. Match made in heaven, kids.
  8. Poppy King for Boots No. 7! I picked up one of these the other day on a whim. I chose No. 1 - History, of course, it's the boldest true red of the bunch. On me, it's actually a really wearable shade of red. It goes on semi-sheer in brick red with just a hint of rosiness, and this might be an odd thing to say, but it fades beautifully. Some lipsticks fade horribly, you know what I mean. That or they just disappear altogether. But this fades evenly and leaves a super fresh light red berry color behind, almost like a stain!