Night + Day

Hey! Remember the pics from my marching band meets pin-up post the other day? You'll recognize most of it in this here outfit, where I swapped the vest and shorts out for a natty little Brooks Brothers pencil skirt to accommodate a wardrobe change from day to night, and ended up with a completely different look and feel.

This is more Blair Waldorf, less camp, though you'll notice I couldn't resist updating the bow headband with a red rhinestone pin shaped like a perfect red pout! The gays at The Apartment helped me pick it out. They are so sweet and awesome there. M & I had promised to meet some friends for a glass or two of peachy white sangria at this party later that same evening, and the wind had picked up as dusk fell, so I needed something a bit more substantial than a tiny pair of shorts!

Keep your eyes peeled for a special post over at Femme Fairy Godmother - a wee birdie mentioned that there's a surprise coming in the next day or two!