Nice day for a Dyke March

When you wake up on the morning of a San Francisco Dyke March you had no intention of participating in on account of your pending cross-country move and the sky is perfectly blue with wispy little white clouds that are practically nothing, just decorative, drifting at a bit of a gallop, actually, and it's quite warm and you've a liquor cabinet full of things which need drinking and friends texting you to come out, come out, wherever we are, well, there's nothing to do but put on your Saturday finest, whip up a batch of spiked lemonade, round up a few bottles of bubbly and get your clever homosexual ass on down to Dolores Park.

So that's what we did! Sure, the Uber we ordered took approximately 53 additional minutes to arrive instead of their estimated time of 7 minutes, and I may or may not have thrown a tiny, inconsequential hissyfit because I am notoriously impatient, but we made it and it was really, really lovely. Once joined by a handful of lovely Autostraddlers, our little spread turned into quite the garden party picnic, and we just soaked up the sun and the sights, and enjoyed ourselves. As dykes. In the park. Decidedly far too comfortable where we were to actually partake in the march bit!

Last year we missed everything because we were in Florida on family vacation, but being able to see London's Pride Parade a couple of weeks later more than made up for it. The Boston Dyke March seems lovely (albeit on a weekday, which I can hardly wrap my head around), but I'm truly happy that we got to squeeze this last one in to tide us over for a while, while we're on the East Coast. I'm sure I'll finally get to experience a New York City Dyke March as well! Ooh.

This is an Asos pony print dress with a Zara belt and a bright pair of cute heels by Marco Santi. I'm completely in love with the very Tangerine Tango-esque gel mani/pedi I got recently, as well as my new anchor earrings from Pretty Penny, made by Plague of Pigeons. The Cape Knot Hitch bracelet is from Kiel James Patrick (which I would never take off if I wasn't so afraid of putting M's eye out in my sleep by accident). By now you know these necklaces are custom-made by Culp Baubles and the shades are a pair of classic Clubmasters from Ray-Ban. (Wait 'til you see a glimpse of M's amazing outfit below)

What else is new? We've just been busy, busy bees - trying to squeeze in some visits to old SF standbys like the Lexington, Bourbon & Branch, eating all of the tacos, going to this and that goodbye soiree, drinking Mitchell's milkshakes, taking the little one on sunset cruises and bike shopping at Public, etc. and of course the endless project of packing and whatnot. If we're lucky, we might even get to hit the road a day sooner than we expected. Fingers crossed!

Just 10 more days 'til closing!

Guess what else? Today is the tomboy's birthday. Because of the move and the fact that it falls on a Monday this year, she demanded that I forget it, that we just pretend it isn't happening and celebrate even bigger next year. Well, all of that is fine and good, but you know I've got a few things up my sleeve. Sneaky femme! She's the love of my life, and some orders are just meant to be ignored - don't you all agree?