News Bulletin

Did you guys know about this super fun, super silly contest sponsored by Dyke Duds and Unbound Apparel? Well, now you do, so enter - you have until April 8th! It'll be a riot and yours truly is judging, so gird thy loins, etc.

We've been in Boston all week and it's been complete real estate madness! Thankfully, we took yesterday off - my birthday! - to take our first real breaths and r e s t since we arrived last Sunday. Here's a little photo of us gallivanting around the Charles with all the trees in bloom, and one of the view from our room last night - the view was absolutely breathtaking.

Now we're spending our last days here with our dear friends in Jamaica Plain, and earlier tonight we walked around the whole pond at sundown and it was lovely. Those are photos 4 & 5. They gave us Easter baskets and are treating us to homemade mac + cheese for dinner tonight, and we're happy as little clams.

Photo #3 is just to illustrate that out here, even the radiators are beautiful!

More news when we return to SF!