New Gratitude

So few posts this month, and there are only two days left of the month! I've got several in the queue but life's been quite full the past few weeks and of course we had a lovely long holiday. Speaking of which, here's my Thanksgiving 2012 outfit! Obviously, it wasn't too cold a day, and it helped that I was in the warm kitchen for lots of it, bustling away over our dinner with M and the petite.

All told, we had a nice big turkey, six sides (everyone had a must-have favorite in addition to the classics), delicious spiced sangria and a beautiful pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. For folks who hate cooking (that would be us), we actually had a lot of fun that day. I'm delighted to say that hardly any of it went to waste despite our being a small family of three - we've been living on leftovers and I turned what remained of the turkey carcass into an amazing gumbo from this recipe at Garden & Gun.

Making my first roux nearly ruined me - I stirred that sucker literally nonstop over a cast iron skillet for AN HOUR and I'm lucky it wasn't longer - but my god was it worth it. M's never been a fan of turkey (though she loved the dark meat from our champagne-soaked bird) and she's never had a gumbo before, but she threatened to just bypass the first part and go straight to the gumbo for Thanksgiving next year! I can't wait to make one using a juicy rotisserie chicken, sausage and shrimp next time.

Alright, enough talk about food! Now I'm starving.

Let's talk about the outfit! I wanted something easy but pretty, and the fact that this Juicy Couture dress had an elastic waistband sold me. (What, like you didn't wear stretchy pants or something loose and comfy!) It was too tempting not to wear my riding boots (also Juicy Couture) over thick black over-the-knee socks dotted with flecks of color for a little extra warmth.

Just add booze!

I didn't even do my hair, to be honest, I just let it air dry and ran a brush through it. I couldn't be bothered, there was too much to do, and we stayed in bed too long to get an early start!

For some sparkle, I put on my new Marc Jacobs bow tie necklace and mixed up chunky gold and rose gold bracelets. Subtle freshwater pearl earrings from Banana Republic finished the look. PS. I'm in LOVE with this necklace. M spoils me rotten, but then again I make her gumbo and candied yams, so. Speak of the devil...

The dinner table in all its glory. I'll spare you the "after" photo, ha!

And isn't Gunner just getting so big, so quickly? More on him and how he's getting along with his two canine brothers in the next post...


PS. Check out my guest post on finding comfortable heels over at Qwear, and swing by their event in Jamaica Plain tonight for a bow tie ice cream social if you can!