Neighborhood Watch

  When it's nice out and the sun is going down, there's nothing better than taking a walk in our little neighborhood. It's a pleasant habit I'm happy to have gained switching coasts! (And while the weather lasts, anyway.) This was just a plain Wednesday night in a plain warm weather get-up, and I'm pretty sure there was amazing gelato involved at some point.

The hubbub from yesterday's article about Lesbian Chic - it's the third slide in - has (naturally) ruffled some feathers, especially femme ones.'s two cents on the subject were a little too tongue-in-cheek for my taste, as well. With kids like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and now Chloe Sevigny throughly embracing the undercut, and tomboy style (not ours, btw) selling like hotcakes, was it just bound to go there eventually? If so, could it have been approached in a less banal and insulting way, or is that just how we expect the fashion industry to roll? DEEP QUESTIONS, HOMOS.

Here's my #1 feeling on the subject:

Am I right? Yes, I am.

Good, let's move on. More random news is that there's a new TLC show called I Found the Gown!, which is not very interesting except for the fact that it's filmed down the street from us! The petite is addicted to all of those crazy wedding dress shows (sometimes I do not understand her) and so it is particularly thrilling for her. Yesterday I sat down and watched a few minutes of an episode with her and I have some questions:

1. Since when do you invite an entourage to solicit their opinions on wedding gowns? Is that really as normal as they make it seem? 2. Why are the entourages so incredibly rude and shitty? What the hell?! 3. No, seriously, is it the attention?

I already have a wedding gown for the big BIG day - we were married at a secret San Francisco City Hall ceremony back in 2008, but haven't had the big happy party with loved ones yet, since buying the house was always our first priority - but say I didn't. I still highly doubt I'd insist on dragging people along to eventually reject their advice since ultimately I wouldn't want anyone else's opinions dictating my choices. Not now, not on my wedding day, or any other time!

To each her own, I suppose. Perhaps reality television makes it seem like a wretched idea and really, it's not that bad IRL. Who can say?

Let's wrap this up and put a bow on it - our real estate agent is dropping by for dinner, gossip and to check out what we've done to the house so far this evening, and I've got some fussin' to do in the meantime!


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