Nauti Girl

This is M's shovel, and it ain't good for much but slicing someone's face open if need be. What the hell happened to the rest of it? I don't even know why she's got it out there in the garden.

I used to have a real good friend from the South, she was a bone fide Cajun freeze-dried whackaloon from Louisiana. (I'm not saying all y'all are crazy, it's just the concentration is particularly high there. Bless it.) Anyway, any time some foolish ass fucked with one of us (one of her beloved friends), she'd drawl "Ladies, all we need is a pick-up truck, a shovel and a tarp, and we'll make sure he never bothers anybody again" long before the Dixie Chicks sang about it. She was great. (And then she was crazy, but you never felt anything less than fiercely loved and adored when you were around her.)

Isn't that lemon tree just magical?

We're in this weird flux between Winter chill and Spring sunshine. At moments today I could have bounced around bare-legged. At others it rained and I wondered whether or not leaving my umbrella in the car had been foolish. I'm sick of watching my eager beaver Spring wardrobe sit in the closet and get neglected, so I threw on this dress over leggings and paired it with my super soft, dreamy, nautical boyfriend cardigan. Whatever, as long as we've still got firewood and kindling and such.


I'm in love with it. It's the Billie satchel from Christopher Kon's Co-Lab line. It's exactly what I've been looking for. Something roomy and versatile, simple and in the buff. My other bags are definitely going to be jealous, but those are the breaks. D E A L. Also? I hate myself for this, I really do, but I just made M watch Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle with me all the way through, and GOD DAMN IT I liked it. A lot. Shame on me.

In slightly more cultured news, our book club has selected Little Bee by Chris Cleave (I prefer the original UK title, The Other Hand) for our next book. This should outshine The Help by a mile at least, but I'm hoping it does so by many more. I still have to wrap up the amazing Zeitoun by Dave Eggers, which puts me at just two books behind for my 2011 promise to read one book per week.

Now that I'm no longer on vile BART twice daily for 30 minutes each way for work, it's really cut into my daily reading time! Boo-hoo.

The rest of it is simple, really:

Nautical boyfriend cardigan: Aerie Dress: H&M Flats: Gap