My Nerd Boyfriend

THE TOMBOY: About once a year I have to buy a Moleskine for work. When it arrives in the mail, I put my old one in the giant shredder bin and fill out critical info in the new one. The transition takes less than a minute. There is a line on the first page that says "As a reward $________", and this year I put DIAF! This is the second incarnation of the DIAF tie bar gifted to me by my very hot wife - the first somehow slipped off and this one's got much sturdier construction -- and now I will look at it every day at work and cackle.

(con't) Speaking of work, here I am dressed up for a Friday. I know, I know, as Amie Brown would say: "They're not even coming from a hospital or a funeral, they just dress this way!" It's easy to dress up when you're going out on the town, or the weather is rainy, or have to go to the hospital, but it is a lot harder to dress up when it is nice and you work in Silicon Valley -- trust me, I have a stack of "fuck you hoodies" just like all the other engineers. (By the way, we mostly wear them because the AC is hard to control in a cubicle environment -- you try and make a Costco feel cozy and see how far you get.)

Anyway, like I was saying, I caught myself wearing too many t-shirts to work, and not even dress shirts. I've decided to even that out, so my wife doesn't kick me out.

Just kidding, but she does get more "hands-on" when I dress nicer so that's all the incentive one needs! Here I am semi-preppy with my skull tie and DIAF tie bar, drinking Irish whiskey (John L. Sullivan "sporting man's whiskey" to be precise), trying to forget about the fact that I bumbled the date for St Patrick's. Cheers!

THE FEMME: There is something searingly hot about a gallant, smug bastard sipping a proper tough guy drink. Notice how my exhibit below doesn't include a Bond holding a dainty martini glass. (Not that there's anything wrong with drinks served in martini glasses, it's perfectly acceptable and wholly appropriate given certain types of drinks, even traditionally masculine ones for which it would be sacrilege if served in any other kind of glassware.) Whatever it is, it makes me want to crawl into M's lap and sigh into her neck and tug on her hair and whisper the kind of thing that requires her to gulp down another ice cold sip of scotch. WIN-WIN, KIDDOS.

Denim: RSQ New York Shirt: Izod Cardigan: Zara Tie & Belt: H&M Tie Bar: The Taffy Box Boots: Lounge by Mark Nason

Side note: I bought this umbrella at the Treasure Island Music Festival last year. NOBODY was supposed to have umbrellas, let alone sell them to drenched festival attendees, but I spotted a bundle of them with my hawkeye at one of the pop-up boutiques, and happily handed over $30 or however much they cost for a bit of relief from the downpour at the time.  It's served me / us well ever since!