M's Birthday!

M's Bday CONFESSION: In between all of the packing and the lease signing and the mostly distracted working and pre-Pride preparations, it's my sweet, handsome loverbird's birthday! She waited anxiously until midnight on Thursday to tear open her presents and began utilizing them immediately. This morning we slept in and I made chilaquiles con queso fresco for breakfast, and we just relaxed and drank cava cocktails garnished with fresh hibiscus blooms all day long. Earlier this evening, we headed downstairs to throw a tri-tip on the grill with some organic white corn and I made a batch of seasoned steak fries, but we detoured to our building's lobby to kill some time because they were having a tenant appreciation wine and cheese reception! We grabbed some chardonnay and pretty nibbles and chatted and of course we lost track of time so the tri-tip burned. Hilarious. It was still delicious! Dessert? Sweet peach pie and black tie cupcakes. (Who says you have to choose teams, hm?)