Mother's Day

IMG_4818 M snuck the photo above last year when we were taking a little break during the sitting for our first official family portrait. Such a sweet moment, and that was such a fun day!

Strange to think how different this Mother's Day will be from our last - we had a four-generation brunch atop a well-kept secret of a hilltop in San Francisco, near my Grandmother's Cole Valley house, and had a four-generation brunch! I'm not sure what my sneaky girls have up their little sleeves for tomorrow, but I'll honestly be deliriously happy with a good bit of sunshine so that we can all spend it out in the newly furnished backyard. And if the weather lets me down, Great Gatsby's on deck. The petite just finished reading it earlier tonight (all on her own - she really loved the writing) and we're big Baz Luhrmann fans, so the excitement's been buzzing around here non-stop.

Either way, I'm just grateful across the board - for my own incredible and unwaveringly sweet mom, the fact that M is the most outstanding, answer-to-all-my-prayers parent on the planet, and that our petite is as lovely and clever and kind and hilarious and responsible as she is. (Teenaged mood swings and all, bless her heart.)

I know this isn't a mommy blog, but here are some of my favorite recent parenting-related moments:

  1. Finding the kiddo studying barefoot on the porch in the afternoon now that the weather's nice - wish I'd thought of that when I was her age!
  2. I love surprising her with fun little unplanned treats, like a Boston Strong t-shirt from Rue La La or a new bottle of Ciaté nail polish
  3. Listening to her VERY strong (and amusing) opinions on English class reading, most recently Romeo and Juliet and The Catcher in the Rye, or her VERY strong (and amusing) opinions on her classmates, especially certain unnamed characters in Physics and History
  4. The way she is overprotective of the dogs ever since we brought Gunny home; she wants to make sure the "new baby" doesn't get all the attention!
  5. Finding out that she has more Tumblr followers than I do

There you have it! Enjoy the rest of your weekends, everyone. It's MAY.