Mother, May I?

HELLO THERE. How the hell are you? It's Memorial Day, are you enjoying yourselves? We are. It's been a merry four-day weekend, and we've managed to perfect the balance between being lazy and resting without missing this wondrous sun gracing the rain-soaked city, running to and fro. If you'd asked me if I thought it would get hot enough to wear these shorts this weekend, I probably would have popped you one. M's been dying to wear hers for at least a month.

These photos are from the little walkabout we took BEFORE our massive, late sunny afternoon Pimm's Cups.

I don't know about y'all, but M's outfit here makes me think of tag football, grass stains and making out at dusk on a park bench. We both took advantage of the RVCA Memorial Day sale, and M scored this new shirt. Mine is also new and the lightest, softest silk-cotton blend. It's, like, the perfect shirt for dancing around braless with no pants and a whiskey coke in your hand, on the hottest summer nights.

We found this spot in a narrow alley behind a mortuary near our place. I don't understand this shelf or why it's placed here, sandwiched between garages and trash bins of all things, but there it was, little Lady of Guadalupe and all. Perhaps people put candles on it and pray or something. How nice! While I pondered all of this very seriously, M snapped photos. Obviously. My favorite thing of all on our walk is the sidewalk graffiti a bit further down. They're so lovely! Sometimes I think we've got the most delightful graffiti of all here, underfoot and ever-changing.

You didn't think I'd mention it and not post the video, did you?