More Pollack or Munch?

  When: Monday, October 27th, 2008.

What: Cotton dress by Jonathan Saunders for Target GO Int'l, black tights, shiny black booties by Alfani. Scarf from boutique in Puerto Rico, yellow leather bag by Emilie M.

Confession: As a teensy little baby reward for dragging myself off the couch despite the last clutches of my flu on Saturday, I yanked this dress off the rack at Target without even trying it on, while M shook her head with disapproval and grinned at me. Now, I don't usually go for, like, primary color splatters a la durable preschool apron panels with pockets, and as our cheeky friend over at Bangs Are The New Black noted wistfully, shift is SHORT, yo. But it's cute, right?

M is convinced it's more Munch; I'm saying Pollack - it is, after all, a $20 dress from Target, not The Scream.