07-P2880984 I feel terrible. It's been many days since my last post! Sometimes life is busy and sometimes you're too deliriously happy to be home to do much else, so forgive me. Piggybacking on the post in our living room, here's a peek at the office. It's got the excellent Shand Kydd wallpaper I found and knew that M would love immediately. It's a nice-sized room with lots of windows, and I was clearly fast losing light when these were taken!

We've got an enormous vintage fox hunt print framed over our matching desks and their Mariner's table lamp, and the old, battered burgundy Chesterfield couch we brought from California is in there, too. A repurposed wooden bar cabinet painted black serves as the gaming entertainment center, an old secretary desk my mother and I found on Craigslist holds office supplies, books and an assortment of antlers, and vintage wooden rifles hang on the walls. A framed reproduction of the antique Tesla Alternating Motor patent matches a portrait of the man himself, and bronze metal accordion side tables flank the couch. It's a handsome little room, and so of course the tomboys like to pretend it's theirs and theirs alone whenever they hang out.



You know how femmes do.


So, this is an Asos dress you've seen before, with a pale pink sweater from Brandy Melville tossed over for warmth. I'm wearing my Seychelles platform sandals because it wasn't THAT chilly out, and I layered a Mariele Ivy necklace (with the bear and tine) with another from Crossroads (yellow spike). It's been so warm here - just yesterday during my riding lesson it must have been at least 68°F - so you really just need something in the mornings and evenings to take the edge off when it's cooler, but the days are so beautiful and clear and lovely lately.


Even when we were in Oakland last week it was heavenly! Never needed anything heavier than my leather jacket and even that was too much most of the time. I guess it spiked up right after we left, and my BFF said it was 80°F there today! (Like clockwork, though, because isn't it always this time of year?)

We had the most wonderful time, but I'll save that and the wedding for the next post, where I'll actually share photos from the trip.




I don't often tell stories from my adventures as a personal stylist, but I just have to share this one.

So, my client wanted to shop exclusively vintage and secondhand shops like Buffalo Exchange. While I've mastered whizzing through them for myself, doing so with a client was new territory. While at first the four nonstop hours seemed daunting, they sped by quite quickly, and she made out like a bandit with my little hawk eye and some gentle guidance. She took home a ton of items she loved that she said she never would have picked out on her own, which is always fantastic to hear.

Two major standouts to report: A pair of super retro wide-leg jeans from J Brand in absolutely like-new condition for $20, and a classic DvF wrap dress in the coolest bold blue print for under $100. Both fit her like a glove and suit her style to a T. She walked away from the DvF dress at first, but then stumbled out of the dressing room at the next stop and said, rather sheepishly, "I think I need to go back right now to get that dress," and back we went! I'm just glad the handful of women who were casting covetous glances our way didn't scoop it up after we left the first time, and she had such the look of triumph when she returned to the car with the dress in hand (I was waiting outside like a getaway driver). Suffice it to say we both had fun and it was a great way to end the week.

And here now is the weekend! Head of the Charles Regatta! Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade! Apple picking (and wine tasting, because why the hell not?!)! Goodness gracious, it's basically a cornucopia bursting with fall-themed activities and goings-on. I'll let you know how it goes. Soon.