Mods vs. Rockers: Hair We Go

A sweet reader with a gorgeous head of shiny red hair wrote in earlier this week for some hairstyle advice:

"I'm going to this queer Mods vs. Rockers event on Saturday night. I have a black lace shift dress and white tights ready to go but need to do my hair, I was thinking a bouffant updo - which you are the queen of - any top tips/videos to share? I'd be very grateful."

For research purposes, I clicked on the link she sent and immediately came down with a case of Duckie-induced FOMO. A "post-queer performance and events collective?" Can I have one?! If only my bank account allowed it, I would hop across the pond and attend myself! "Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough," the website taunts, "and take sides - Mod or Rocker."

It sounds like an absolute riot ball and makes me wish parties like it or Bardot A Go Go were more of a thing here, where people went for the music and the style and each other, but it's a good reminder to dance it out at Soulelujah and Heroes more often. Now, let's get back to some 60s bouffant hair!

It is so darling that anyone would think I'm the queen of this style, so in the interests of giving the love right back, I'm sharing my words of wisdom in case y'all wanna give it a go-go for a summer event yourselves.

The foundation any gal needs for this look is in a good backcomb and hairspray (good old Elnett will do just fine, but here's a natural, scent-free option that some femmes seem to like), as well as some nice, strong bobby pins that match your hair color. I have a Spornette Little Wonder and it's really great, but this one is definitely on my wish list. The great news is that all that stuff is fairly cheap and stuff you've probably already got on hand.

My biggest tip with the bobbies is to let it pick up a few strands of hair where you're going to pin, and then push it out a little tiny bit, and then "lock" it around and in the total opposite direction you started in - you'll see the grip is 1000x improved that way.

"What the hell is FFAF even trying to say?" you ask.

Why, I'm glad you asked. Here's a wonderful GIF:

I've linked to a few of her tutorials before, but Sidewalk Ready is an incredible resource for all kinds of hairstyles. Hers are super easy to follow and usually shockingly simple to achieve. This is a fast and easy twist, but it's got a mini bouffant that could be bumped up to the next level, especially with bangs or a few wispy bits pulled out on the sides.

Here's another for a big old 60s bouffant ponytail.

However, with a black lacy shift and this reader's lovely hair color, I'm giddy about leaving the hair down with a bow-backed bouffant. Red locks against black lace will be too pretty to handle!

The Beauty Department gives awesome step-by-step instructions on how to get this look here. Gift shops like Paper Source or good old craft stores like Michael's will usually have inexpensive rolls of printed grosgrain and solid satin or velvet ribbon, and sometimes vintage shops or boutiques will have baskets of notions tucked away in overlooked corners that can be a goldmine for hair accessories.

I hope that was as fun for you as it was for me.


PS. Bonus tutorials for other days you feel up for experimenting, lots of every day hairstyles!

PPS. One last thing, a makeup tutorial for an easy 60s look: