Mini mini mini

This is going to be short and sweet, y'all. The tomboy and I are absolutely useless after our morning ride today. It was pretty amazing. M had a stubborn red pony named Rocky, and I rode what might have been their biggest horse there (and certainly the most spoiled one), Dance. We had ocean views, dove right into riding English in a muddy arena under clear blue skies - with riding crops and everything, and were given glasses of champagne upon dismount.

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Afterward, we took a stroll through downtown Half Moon Bay to find some lunch. We settled on a cute little Italian place that ended up being a very pleasant surprise. Fantastic drinks and really well done food, and it was all on a limited brunch menu. M ended up drinking her first Bloody Mary, even though she's in denial about it. The spiciness is what caught her eye, but let's face it, this is TOTALLY a twist on a traditional Bloody Mary, don't you think?

BRUNO’S HIGH TIDE (VERY HOT!) - Absolute pepper vodka, tomato juice, lemon juice, roasted chipotle peppers, olive juice and worcestershire

We need some QT in a hot tub and little bourbon to rest our weary muscles! This was just something I threw on last week - vintage polka dot blouse, pleated black skirt from The Gap, and a pair of raspberry suede pumps by Franco Sarto. The marbled wooden cuff is from Pier One, and the nude friendship bracelet is from a vendor at Indie Mart. Fun and simple!

Please enjoy one of my most favorite songs of all time, Mini mini mini by Jacques Dutronc.