Milk & cookies.

dsc01844 dsc01820 dsc01821 dsc01892 When: Saturday, Jan. 24th, 2008.

What: Royal blue ruffled blouse, Persaman NYC. Cigarette pants from Laundry by Shelli Segal. Vintage scarf and fur collar, leather boots by Lamica and silver trench by Lapis.

dsc01925Confession: M & I went to see Milk tonight at the Piedmont Theater. It was really fantastic, so well done and well acted. It didn't make me cry as hard as I expected! My theory is that since some of what was experienced there on screen haunts present day life for us still, it just...I don't know, you know?

The Prop. 6 stuff was so hard to sit through; I know it's not exactly the same at all, but I just felt so much of the same feeling that I felt around Prop. 8; it was like yanking off the scab to something that I was semi-successfully ignoring, like reliving those awful days after Nov. 4 last year when we waited, and dreaded, and seethed and mourned.

But it was truly so, so good. That final scene...I don't want to ruin it for anyone, but it felt holy. I don't say holy at all, but that was holy. It really was. So, so beautiful and poignant and wonderful and terrible, all at once. My boyfriend Mick at the SF Chron says though it deserves them the most, it won't take home any awards at the Oscars, but it really, really ought to. I'm pulling for it!

PS. I painted my nails black. They're so shiny! Hence the artsy femme fatale photo you see here.