Merrily, Merrily

01-IMG_1168 So the story goes, three months or so after we first met, we went to a white party together and I ended up staying with M overnight. Wearing the same dainty and very short white getup the next morning, I spontaneously proposed a day date rowing on Lake Chabot, walk of shame clothes and all. M agreed, and so I rowed her all around this little lake, and the odd breeze may or may not have lifted my hem on high once or twice during the excursion.

Rowing is rigorous activity, you know, and it was just a wee little dinghy, not like the one I'm in above.



Long story short, it was a good date. A very good date.


Having already been on a camping trip with a group of her friends and to one of her college buddy's weddings, the following week M threatened to take me to her high school reunion, suggested that we pretend to be married to avoid nosy questions, and a few short weeks later we were planning a whirlwind trip to Barcelona. We never did make it to that reunion.


Two months after Barcelona we'd move in together to a lovely lakeside flat built in the 1920s (mischievously referred to as our "Hill Manor" days), two months after that she said she loved me, and perhaps five or six months after that we at long last, and much to our friends' collective relief, admitted we were officially In A Relationship. The rest, of course, is history.


So a beautiful afternoon spent rowing on a lake close by seemed the perfect thing to do for our anniversary last weekend. And it really was perfect!


We packed a picnic basket to the brim with goodies and set out in a very nice rowboat. A super nice gentleman told us to paddle through two tunnels to get to a big, open part of the lake with a beach on one side and lots of little coves to explore on the other, and after a few hours and the sun sinking to the west, we still didn't want to leave! So much fun.


This is a fascinating vintage necklace I was given a few years ago. I like that it kind of gets lost in the pattern of the Duro Olowu shell and cardigan I have on, but it would be stunning against a nice dark solid background as well. Up above I'm wearing my druzy stingray ring by Lauren Wolf (visit her boutique, Esqueleto, in Oakland if you can - or online here), and JewelMint and Madewell bracelets. I managed not to dunk my trusty Clubmasters into the lake!

My skirt is Asos and the peep-toes are Elie Tahari.

M is wearing a shirt by Gant, Dockers khakis and Sebago boots. The Ray-Bans are prescription aviators I got her awhile back.



Hope everyone's having a great weekend - last of the summer! Our half-cord of kiln-dried firewood arrived today, and I'm finally feeling all ready and excited for fall. Just in time!


PS. Unbelievably, these photos were all taken with the iPhone, because I forgot the camera in the car! They came out pretty darn good if you ask me.