May Day

Is it seriously May already? I've been busy getting an exciting event off the ground with Miss Rep, buried under real estate - we fought and won our first bidding war ever just yesterday - and of course dealing with the things that come with wrapping up a school year for the petite and trying to get started packing for a move that's bearing down on us like a freight train.

These photos are actually from March 31st, plus my hair's been cut for two weeks and it's kind of funny to post these - there's just one more in the queue before we get to the new style - I barely recognize myself! When my hairstylist stepped back to check out her work, she put her hands on her hips and exclaimed, "I can't even IMAGINE you with long hair anymore! It's crazy!" and it is, a little bit. All the light and painted bits have been hacked away for the most part.

These printed jeans were one of those "I'm not sure about this, but I'm doing it anyway" Target purchases (I know you know what I'm talking about). Since then I've gotten two black Everlane belt (hush) and no longer have to steal the tomboy's belt for my tomboy femme outfits. I certainly have seen snazzier, still affordable pairs of animal print skinnies at Zara, but oh my god are these soft. Like pajama soft. Basically, these pants = my sweats. Just thinking about them makes me feel snuggly and cozy. That's the real reason I've held onto them!

I cannot for the life of me remember what brand this camp shirt is, but I got it Sports Basement I think. I have a similar gauzy white one as well and they're fantastic because they're loose and slouchy but unfussy, breathable cotton. Sometimes it's nice not to fuss over silks! Pairing it all with the tough suede ankle boots (Trouvé) and my Cynthia Rowley bag were easy choices, and so were the Asos earrings and my leathery Mariele Ivy necklace. I added chunky rings and a silly leather cuff with a bullet on it that I got in Portland two years ago, and that's about it. Hope you liked it!

Now please tell me all of your outstanding weekend plans - Cinco de Mayo, Derby Day - because I've got nil. The tomboy is in Boston (it's her turn - apparently, we're taking them now) and has a derby party to go to with friends and I'm green with jealousy (though I won't envy her marching off to a parade of open houses come Sunday). They've been infusing bourbon with mint! So fancy! Another friend of mine has pledged to reveal a DIY derby hat so fantastical that we're all going to fall over in awe, and I can't wait to see what she and her crafty little hands have done this time.

I'm just hoping I can take a break from the 300 pages I have to read for a Sunday book club brunch to see that big old super moon rise over the Oakland hills!