Matte Attack

Not entirely sure why I titled this post the way I did, but I enjoyed the way it rolled off the tongue, so let's roll with it. ULTIMATE DISCLOSURE: This outfit was worn exactly one week ago, and just looking at it is making me long like mad for warmer weather. Of course more rain is headed our way, the loathsome weatherman says. What gives, San Francisco? Why are you trying so hard to push me away? Is it because I love another place? Is it because I keep leaving you this year? Get over it. You're being needy, clingy. It taxes me.

I love this simple cotton dress, purchased for a dollar or something like that at a thrift store weeks ago, and I love how pairing it with the cropped denim jacket makes it all look kind of soft and washed out. Practicality necessitated this recycled suede belt from H&M, which seemed all loved and worn when I bought it new recently, as well as my VERY well worn cowgirl boots. Throw in the oversized Lucite nugget necklace for a dash of fancy and that, my friends, is that. Just slap on some spurs and take me to the rodeo, already!