Lovely Weather

2009-12-084Collages CONFESSION: Record low temps in the Bay Area mean epic layers for this femme. You get creative. This morning I used the snow scraper we bought up in Tahoe earlier this year to get all of the ice off of my windshield, and while it worked like a charm, I felt a little bit sheepish. Like a crummy rookie. I mean, normally you curse while you grab a credit card or library card or something out of your wallet to get the morning freeze off, and there I was making a big old ruckus with my fancy scraper at 7:30AM, with my petite rolling her eyes at me from the backseat. You know what she got for giving me guff? I picked her up with a 5-hour-old head of Lush henna piled under an old scarf, that's what. How do you like them apples?


On second thought, that's kind of awesome. Carry on! Stay warm! Send snowy femme photos!

PS. These are the thrifted Bandolino boots, fetched for a wee $16 at Buffalo Exchange, that I tried to patch up with Gorilla Glue. You can't tell, can you? They are such a supple, pretty, deep and warm brown, I can't bear to part with them.

PPS. 3' of fresh snow at Heavenly, my sneaky little email tells me. Is it that time again, already? Let's go!