Love in the arboretum.

This is the arboretum in Boston where our friends were engaged and then married in the same year that we were, 2008. Isn't it beautiful? It seemed like a perfect way to spend the late Easter Sunday afternoon, after settling into their lovely home for our stay there last weekend. The bright, colorful remnants of Easter egg hunts and all the sweet families strolling through only added to its charms, and we were lucky that so many of its gorgeous trees were in first Spring bloom!

The trees have all these excellent metal tags on them, stamped with their proper names and other pertinent information. I want a miniature version as a necklace charm. Can you believe the stunning yellow on the trees above?

Our kind friends showed us their favorite spots and we had a nice hike up to one of its peaks, Bussey Hill, where you can see snippets of the Boston skyline. We called out to the many pretty birds we saw (and heard) and even stopped to observe a strapping young cardinal for awhile. The Arnold Arboretum (of Harvard University, didn't you know) is the oldest public arboretum in North America!

I saw a creek and set out with a brisk, ultra-femme trot to investigate. I didn't even notice this sign I took off so fast! I can certainly imagine how lovely it must be to take an actual run in the arboretum. Sans heeled booties With proper running shoes and whatnot. We searched in vain for frogs or other crawly creatures, but found none. There's a sort of marshy meadow with this narrow cement path cutting right through it, and it was impossible not to cross through. There we saw more exciting birds and ducks floating around in the water. We stopped here to snap some photos! That's our silly friend in the background, with her San Francisco cap, but we decided they're even more awesome because she's crashing them.

They're so lucky to have such a gorgeous green space so close to home.

We walked there in just five or ten short minutes from their house, and it was a lovely walk indeed. We had no choice but to succumb to a frenzy of real estate porn, and while M has sworn never to endure another Boston winter after suffering her college years there, we've both agreed to head back during the very thick of winter to see if our minds can't be changed. Even the petite is into the idea.

This is definitely a non-traditional Easter Sunday outfit. Especially for a town as traditional as Boston. I will say this: The churches there are so obscenely beautiful that I wanted to pray to dear sweet baby Jesus in nearly every single one of them. Perhaps next time I'll stroll through those that are open to visitors (in slightly more appropriate attire). I will also say this: Wearing a body suit OVER tights and UNDER shorts and a snug little jacket is inadvisable. Why? Because I had to practically strip down to my birthday suit every time I had to bloody take a piss. Thank heavens the other one I got from Asos has velcro action. Jeez.

Denim shorts: Free People Fierce little jacket: Ebay Bodysuit: Asos Tights: Betsey Johnson Boots: Nine West

Earrings: Isla Mujeres, Mexico Tiered Necklace: Banana Republic Bracelet: Lori's Shoes (leather cuff) Marielle Ivy Necklace and Oval Ring: Pretty Penny (Oakland) "Lover not a Fighter" Knuckleduster Ring: Afterlife (San Francisco)