Love & Geese

50-P3010126 The best part about this picture is our little shadows way over to the right, followed by a flock of geese up over in the top left! We pulled over on the way home from venturing out into Cambridge to check out a fully frozen Charles River. It looks like this almost the whole way from our neck of the woods to Boston proper, with just a few violently dark ribbons of bluish-black water strewn like wounds in the white. Quite a sight to see!

49-P3010167  51-CRFeb1

Maybe I was being a silly, overly cautious baby cat in completely inappropriate winter footwear, but I've read way too many "Person Rescued From Icy River" headlines this winter to venture out any further than this. On that note, I've also read way too many "Child Gets Tongue Stuck On Pole" headlines as well. Hand to God I have!


Do these greens go? No. Do I care? NO.


This outfit is honestly a more casual pants version of the one I posted during a snowstorm last week - I seem to really enjoy pairing the cape with this woolly shirt and forest greens! This time the shirt (Ralph Lauren) was layered over an Everlane Ryan t-shirt and a pair of J. Crew Toothpick cords. Same Nocona cowboy boots, Anthropologie sunnies and a pair of fingerless gloves, also from Ralph Lauren. The excellent spur necklace is from Wildfang!

1-Valentine's 2014

M turned this Valentine's Day lovefest-lovenest-lovepalooza-lovegasm into a (surprise) four-day weekend, and after sleeping in way too late Friday, we spent the afternoon baking ridiculously delicious red velvet cupcakes from scratch with this awesome rouge dutch cocoa powder I found at Whole Foods, topped with cream cheese frosting and absurdly cute sprinkles from Sur La Table.

It's a good thing she planned a quiet dinner at home, because by nightfall she was feeling truly under the weather. We had two enormous ribeye steaks, potatoes dauphinoise and decided to save a nice bottle of Perrier-Jouët for another evening. I made a big fire to warm us up and we realized we'd completely forgotten that the 11th was the ninth anniversary of the night we first met. NINE YEARS, YOU GUYS. What a world!

Hope y'all are having a great holiday weekend!