Love at first shot...

58-DSC00078 By Sunday, M was all antsy and climbing the walls and wanted out of the house. I really didn't think it was a good idea, but she said she was feeling better and wanted to go with me to do some research on new cameras.


After nearly five years with the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1, it is definitely time for an upgrade. I've picked up a new lens every other year or so, which kept me happy and growing as an amateur, but late last year I began to seriously consider switching to DSLRs proper - going back and forth between models like the Canon EOS 70D and Nikon D7100.

Then I found Sony's A7, an absolutely splendid little machine with a not-so-little price tag.


Where the Sony's very respectable NEX-6 and NEX-7 offerings are less expensive, and the NEX-6 in particular is still a really great camera, both of them are a bit clumsily designed and clearly lack the power of the A7 or A7r. The NEX-7 took the side-by-side photos of my boots and M's boots a bit further up; the A7r took the single boot shot right above - what a difference! I expect some difficulty switching systems after six years, but it was super frustrating to control either NEX model. To be fair, and because I have several Lumix lenses, I gave the GX7 a whirl, too - it's  really pretty, but I've definitely outgrown it.


So I picked up the A7r and felt like it melted right into who I am as a human being, like I held it and it became this organic thing that was an extension of myself. I know that sounds dramatic, but it was an amazing feeling. It just made sense. And look, it made me smile like this!

So we pulled the trigger on an A7, which has a 24.3MP full frame sensor compared to the A7r's 36.3MP (which I honestly don't need and can't justify the additional cost of), and it'll be on my doorstep tomorrow. I am so giddy and excited I can't stand it. Tomorrow! In the meantime, I'm nursing M, who is back to feeling icky but is really enjoying the bonus chapter of The Last of Us on her PS3. These tiny lesbians curse way too much but they also play truth-or-truth, which is creepy because I thought that was a thing I invented for drunken late night Lake Merritt shenanigans back in 2006!