Look Out Weekend!

Since I've been a very busy working girl, and I never really did follow through on my promise to post some glimpses into San Francisco's infamous Dyke March at Dolores Park, I thought I'd bring you some weekend fun in the form of a "best of" post. There are some gorgeous guest stars as well. Enjoy! (And yes, the little red cups are full of bourbon slush in both Knob Creek and Bulleit varieties.)

Action shots. Giant flasks. Shiny hair.


Dress: Zara Belt: Vintage Cuff: Dollywood Aviators: Kenneth Cole Boots: Really, really old Frye!


Shirt: Volcom Cords: Urban Outfitters Tie: Christmas present from SBJ Tie Clip: Vintage Jacket: Military Surplus Shoes: Zara

Wish you were there! XOXO! Stay tuned for the 4th of July.