Bossy pants! (Well, skirt anyway.) If I recall correctly, I was telling the dogs to stay put.

This was my Labor Day outfit from...goodness, over two weeks ago! We'd had a lazy morning, showered and dressed for the Museum of Science, where we're now members. Hooray! The weather was perfect, the river sparkled in the backdrop, and we topped off a lovely day by firing up the grill for some kebabs, summer corn and roasted potatoes in the backyard, where these photos were taken, hey-o!

Bit of a curtsy there. I just finished polishing off the chocolate chip cookies I baked from scratch, along with a cup of Gypsy Cold Care tea, and I've been watching Baz Luhrmann's Romeo + Juliet - is it just me or did anybody else memorize the entire soundtrack when it first came out? I was sixteen. I loved belting out Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) the most, which is probably a terribly embarrassing thing to admit. Even now, I couldn't pick a favorite song from the movie or the soundtrack. Top three, maybe. The last three on the album for sure. Little Star, my gosh!

Summer isn't quite through yet, but I think my wretched little cold might be, at last. I'm on the mend, yippee! I'd better be, because we have the Stars show on Friday night and a houseguest coming to stay with us for a bit on Sunday! Honestly, though, it would be great to wear this dress just once more before putting it away until next year. There are probably a half-dozen other outfits at least that I thought I'd get to here before summer ended, but that's typical me. It's not as though we haven't had our hands full the past few months!

Speaking of busy, this is the petite's third week at her new school and it's so high-tech I cannot believe it. Talk about night and day between the public schools back home and this one - it only becomes more and more evident that attending this school will mean invaluable things for her future, and we couldn't have made a better move.

And it's not just because they just pass out Mac laptops and iPads in class willy-nilly for kids to get a head start on homework, or that TED talks are part of the curriculum, and they have sophisticated online student portals with e-textbooks and custom, pre-set Google Drive accounts for each student (although the skill set that comes with learning how to utilize all of those things is a big deal!), but in a huge school on an enormous campus (seriously, the Athletic Department has its own WING) we feel really confident that our kid won't be lost in the crowd, that she'll be supported but not coddled, and that there are others who are as invested in her future as we are.

Each guidance counselor has under 200 students that they work closely with for all four years of high school, and we're already on a first-name basis with hers. It does wonders to help alleviate a parent's concerns when taking the training wheels off such a big proverbial bike. She's taking Personal Finance in her freshman year, for crying out loud! And photography! And French (which she's taken to like a moth to a flame)!

Club Day is next week, and the doors will only open further for her. We're already signing her up for an overnight field trip to New York City (no, we're not going to chaperone, but we might just happen to pop down for an adults-only minibreak) and she's sniffing around to find out more about getting into girls soccer. Part of the fun for us, as parents, is the excitement of watching her become more confident, really come into her own, and take advantage of what's around her. The first week was brutal, the second a little better, and now she's starting to hit her stride!

(And when it is hard, I just try my best to channel Tami Taylor. Clear eyes, full hearts. Can't lose, right?)

As for my extracurriculars, we're still sorting out our swim tests for rowing, and I'll be starting pilates at a fancy Brookline studio and a new book club soon! We're headed to Western Mass sometime in the next few weeks for a little horseback riding, which will be just the push I need to start seriously researching new stables around here to start training again. It's been far too long.

Outfit details below, until next time...



Dress: H&M Belt: Myne Shoes: Kensie Bag: Elliot Lucca Bow Bracelet + Earrings: Vintage Ring: Betsey Johnson

Here's one last photo from the Museum of Science. It's pretty ridiculous, but I couldn't rest: