Lez Lit

Have you missed me? The tomboy and I snuck off to Guerneville for a romantic Mother's Day minibreak in a riverside cabin. We've loved Dawn Ranch Lodge since it was Fife's and little has changed with the ownership - the grounds are still lovely, the meadow is still lush, the spot where M & I skinny-dipped at 1AM back in 2005 is as it ever was. Even the bonfire ring has endured!

We made the best of the storms we weren't expecting by cozying up under the covers with a variety of movies to play on the laptop and procuring super indulgent, artisan cheese plates to-go from our new favorite place to eat in town, Boon Eat + Drink, all enjoyed while the rain played on the cabin's tiny roof overhead. We also traded in our beach plans for a Mother's Day rose garden tour and champagne tasting at Korbel (they have an organic brut and a reserve blanc de noir that I liked, plus their guest house is HAUNTED which is so exciting), and picked up desserts to nibble on in bed at night. It was a much-needed distraction from the fact that the petite is far, far away on a school trip and we had to spend Mother's Day without her. I hope y'all were good to your mamas!

These photos, however, are from before the little trip. The weather wasn't quite warm, but not quite cold, otherwise known as quintessential San Francisco. The solution? Leggings. Little jacket. Layers. I am still obviously in love with these nude pumps and nothing screams, "Actual temps be damned, it's SPRING for heaven's sake" like a perky, bright yellow floral.

Skirt, French Atmosphere Sporty Black Tank Bib Necklace, Buffalo Exchange Denim Jacket, True Beauty Leggings, Dance Boutique Shades, Le Tigre Nude Pumps, Madden Girl

You're DYING to know what I'm reading, right? I had a gift certificate from CHRISTMAS to burn through at Border's (seriously, it said Feliz Navidad on it), so I picked up the first issue of The Gentlewoman (leaving only one on the shelves), since Geometric Sleep raved so fondly about it. It's fabulous. I'm not even through with it yet. I also grabbed Elle and my Vogue and W had just arrived in the mail, so I'm up to my eyeballs in ladymags. I also succumbed to this lesbian novel written in the early 80s, set in Lake Tahoe and with much acclaim on its back cover. Lucky for me, I scarcely had any opportunity to read this weekend, so I'll have more to say about Curious Wine soon, I'm sure!