Let's Hold Hands

Presently the tomboy and I are curled up on the couch, drinking Ketel One Citroen cosmopolitans and watching My Summer Of Love. Have y'all seen it? Emily Blunt is a topless lesbian! It's exciting and strange. Midnight creeps closer. I wanted to find you a still from the movie, but this popped up and I like it, so:

It will have to do.

Make-out! I thrifted this soft, thin cotton dress for pennies weeks ago and apparently it's Old Navy, which is odd considering the fact that without mending the top closed, it's SCANDALOUS. It's still ever-so-slightly scandalous, but not indecent. (The tag on it says Spring '07.) I was in a rather girly mood, so I threw in all the pink on a whim. Next time, I think I'll pair it with an actual belt. Still, I love how these sunglasses pack a major retro punch to whatever I'm wearing them with!

M is wearing:

Denim, Seven Shirt, Fink Clothing Jacket, thrifted Shoes, Marc Ecko Sunglasses, Levi's Porter, CoCoNut Porter, Maui Brewing Co.

I'm wearing:

Dress, Old Navy (thrifted) Coat, Tulle Shoes, Franco Sarto Bag, Betsey Johnson Silk scarf, Room 4 Keyhole pendant, Pennyroyal Sunglasses, Elle


PS. The movie ended. Also, M hasn't seen The Piano Teacher! What the what?! The things I have to learn her sometimes.