Let It Snow!


Something incredible happened today, aside from waking up to another four years of the Obamas in the White House, marriage equality triumphing in a handful of states, and women everywhere smashing records in the US Senate and House of Representatives. I was in the attic working on a huge closet organization project, letting Baby Gunner run around and explore, when I looked out and saw that it was snowing. Snowing!

It began with just a tiny drizzle of the most delicate little baby flakes, but still - snow! I kissed Gunner on the head, deposited him back into the guest room and dashed downstairs into the office where M was working. I flung open the shades on a window to show her and grabbed the closest coat I saw. She followed me downstairs and we stood in our backyard, wide-eyed with surprise.

We were expecting a Nor'Easter to hit, but they insisted that it'd be winds and rain only, so no way were we prepared for it!

It was so beautiful and surreal and one of those, "Oh my god, we really live here, don't we?" moments. There's just nothing else like it! I was so happy I cried, even though none of it was sticking. Finally, M dragged me out of the cold and within an hour we checked outside again and the whole backyard was white! I guess it stuck after all. The tree branches were dusted to perfection and we couldn't believe it. The petite was so excited that she called from school to tell us she was so happy when it started during English class that she cried, too! Like mother, like daughter.

Now they're saying we'll get about 1"-3" during this storm, but who knows! I'm not exactly sure what happens next. We're supposed to have a lovely weekend in the early 60s! Will it just melt away? Will it still be there in the morning? We need to make a tiny snowman for Gunner! So much!

Of course, the first snow of the season is always exciting, but this one is bittersweet, too - I'm thinking about all of the displaced and struggling Sandy victims who badly needed a break from weather, not this. While the worst of it is behind most of us, too many are still suffering from a raw and recent blow that isn't going away anytime soon, and they need all the help they can get.

Rockaway Needs Us from everyone and company on Vimeo.

Here's a beautifully shot video of Rockaway, Queens that you might want to take a moment to watch, and it's got great info at the end for donating dollars or blood, volunteering or just spreading the word, too. You can also head over to Amazon to spend whatever you're comfortable with - from $5 to $500 - purchasing goods that will be sent directly to people on the ground who are caring for those in the greatest need.

New York: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wedding/32TAA123PJR42

New Jersey: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wedding/2FDVT8QGKJFYR

Remember what our fierce leader said last night and lend a hand if you're able to. Here's hoping that folks find shelter and warmth on this cold, snowy night in NY/NJ...