Lady of the House

1-P2900745 I mentioned it in the last post, but the morning of Thanksgiving we were so busy after sleeping in 'til 11am and then realizing we had an oven crisis to deal with on top of everything else that I really had no idea what the heck I was going to wear. I had a vague idea of throwing on a bright red and maroon silk thing from French Connection, but winter static cling got the best of me and it wasn't like the usual tricks would do on the beautiful fabric.


Onto the next silk thing! Maybe it's the weight of it, maybe it's the lining, but it was easy, flattering and I could just grab the Anthropologie earrings on my vanity and call it a day, no static harshing my mellow. It was perfect, and with that out of the way I could afford to spend 30 minutes painstakingly curling my hair while waiting for our guests to arrive. As it should be!


Dramatic bar cart situation.

7-Friendsgiving 2013-001


Squishing the Gun because TRADITIONS. Also we need a circular rug for the dining room. I want something with lots of color. This one is fun and bold but was a stop-gap Ikea purchase over the summer and has seen better days.



Ratty cowboy boots because no one could see them anyway! If anyone has any ideas about getting paint of leather, pray tell. It'd be nice if these could be made…a little less ratty. (Even though I have my eyeballs on this super rad and foolish pair from Sam Edelman.)


Look at that half-carved bird in the background! We finally had to cry uncle with turkey leftovers tonight, and grabbed a pizza from our local artisan pizza joint. Last night I made a huge batch of turkey gumbo and it was delicious, and will make a fine meal when we're ready to defrost it and serve it over a fresh pot of rice and warm cornbread. Maybe in 2014!