La Sirena

la-sirena13 Scent: Forgive me, I've been so negligent in the fragrance department! I won't pretend I've been too busy - I have been busy, but also just sort of moving from Winter to Spring wrapped in a cloud of contentment. To tell the truth I was once so opposed to that word, equating it with tedium, mediocrity and perhaps worst of all, a sort of falsehood. Perhaps I am lucky in that it now means something else entirely, something epitomizing pleasure, satiety and a dreamy and genuine peace of mind.

Which brings me to today's new fragrance: Ligea La Sirena from the Italian island of Capri's Carthusia. This is so well named, "bearing the name of one of the three Mermaids who tried in vain to bewitch Ulysses, Ligea is a feminine, sensual nectar, surprising and full of passion, which combines the warm powdery scent of wild white rose with the fresh, soft aroma of mandarins." It's just...enchanting, really lovely. The citrus isn't at all overwhelming, perfectly balanced with sweetness and the right amount of opoponax, or sweet myrrh - something earthy and almost salty to anchor it all down. I love it. I find it comforting!

PS. I've missed you all!

PPS. Bullocks! I left out the earrings. Delightful little art deco studs from Silver Crane Sterling - I love their shiny little things.