This almost looks like summer! Almost. We took these at the end of the heat wave last week, when I was just beginning to feel a bit under the weather.  This dress has a criss-cross back, the tricky kind like you used to wrestle into all wrong when you were a little girl and all the swimsuits came with those cross-cross backs, you know? Confession: I still sometimes get it wrong, but I think that's because I'm terribly impatient.

Confession No. 2: Sometimes when I'm not my usual frisky self or don't have music to loosen me up for these FFAF shots, I look to my catalogs and magazines like Lula for posing inspiration. It feels silly but it's better than boring y'all and myself to death! Anyway, here's M, threatening to beat me with my own catalog. Tsk!

I am not sure what she's grinning at so adorably up there in the sky somewhere, but it made for great photos!

When I snagged this necklace at one of those little Isla Mujeres boutiques back in April, it was because I envisioned it just like this. Set against a solid, severe backdrop or against a nice, bold, black and white print. I particularly like how the funky tattoo-influenced print clashes with the dark coral strands. The only thing I'd change about this is my nails, which are naked. They should be Jeffrey Campbell "No She Didn't!" red, of course.

M wants to know if you like her kicks. I think you'd better! She even bought herself a hoodie in the exact same shade of green to match.

Pants: Calvin Klein Shirt: H&M Shoes: Etnies M. Taylor Skate Shoes

Dress: Fairground Cardigan: Calvin Klein Shoes: Franco Sarto Clutch: Alice + Olivia for Payless Sunglasses: Le Tigre

I need very badly to be a bunny in this amazing sweater: