La Isla Bonita

We arrived by scooter - M drove! - to the southern tip of the island, where you'll find El Garrafón - a national park, panoramic watchtower, sculpture gardens - as well as a small Mayan temple to Ixchel, the goddess of fertility and Cliff of the Dawn, which is the southeasternmost point of Mexico. If you're there to watch the sun rise, you can say you were the very first person in Mexico to be kissed by the sun that day! The views, quite clearly, were stunning.

This was our first day, as evidenced by my relatively pasty gams. The wind did insane things to my hair. The sun did hurtful things to my poor arms, but every minute was worth it. The sculptures and statues were really incredible. I love these sandals.

STUD ALERT! STUD ALERT! STUD ALERT! Witness the tomboy, nestled so lovingly in the bosom of her motherland. (Ah, Mexico, land of lawlessness and splendor. You're so damn pretty. Your babies are pretty. I'm so glad I married into you.) M kept up with me in terms of wiliness that day, hopping down into restricted areas, leaning rebelliously against rickety railings perched on sea cliffs, climbing into the little crevices and caves, and peering into mysterious wells of water or curious nooks and crannies.

When I stood here gazing upon the sea, I had no idea that I - four days later - would be ziplining from an identical structure in a bikini, over the crystal blue waters in the hot, hot sun! (Twice!) When we paused in our adventures for some lunch, we ordered these margaritas, which were way bigger than our actual heads. I climbed into this super weird, sandy, vertical crater in the side of Cliff of the Dawn, and pretended I was on a moon. A hot, beachy moon.

Greetings from San Francisco! It's Friday! The weather's lovely! What have you got planned? M's arranged an afternoon soiree for birthday cocktails tomorrow, but we've got to be up extra early for a petite school competition, so no Flourish for us tonight, sadly. It looks likely that we'll be laying low on Sunday (especially since kick-started the weekend early last night at Glam).

Femme2010: No Restrictions Update!

I'm super happy to report that the programming committee for August's femme conference in Oakland has received so many amazing submissions, and we're poring through them all diligently. It's really exciting and if you haven't done so yet, absolutely mark your calendars (or just take the plunge and REGISTER NOW for the early bird price of just $50) for what is sure to be one of the most amazing FemmeCons yet! While you're at it, look them up on Facebook, too.