Kung Fu Femme

Fact: Don't attempt to use sand dollars as skipping stones. Fact: Don't attempt to skip stones when a big wave is about to throw you off balance. Fact: Don't attempt to recreate the precarious water scene karate move thing from Karate Kid. Fact: Don't attempt the above especially when a big wave is about to throw you off balance whilst your wife grins behind a camera.

Actually? Scratch that. Attempt all of the above, you will have a tremendous and soaking wet day at the beach!

Fact: OMG, I used to have the biggest crush on him.

Tip: If you're a tomboy type, leave your wallet in the car or in your bag. Don't say I didn't warn you! M still has sand in hers, I bet.

Fact: This dress is ancient now. Like five years old! Fact: Twirling in a sand dune with 4.5" wedge heels is hard. Fact: Dizzily veering toward the edge to your sandy demise is not recommended. Fact: If your loverbird tells you to lie down next to bees and dragonflies, you'd better listen. Fact: It's way easier to just sand there looking all bossy with your legs planted wide apart. Like so:

Dress: Nolita Shoes: Dolce Vita Ring: Vintage Sunglasses: Kenneth Cole Necklace: Isla Mujeres boutique Background: Ocean Beach, San Francisco