Keep It Locked


Damn this SF second coming of winter. It's revolting! All I have to keep me warm is a tomboy, two pups and the Hot 100 list of real queer girls at Autostraddle. I suppose it'll all have to do. All that and some thick leggings. Leggings. Anyway, I wore this outfit to the post-fight party we attended on Saturday night. It's a great little thrifted dress also written up here, topped by my snazzy little blazer and a sedate side ponytail. It was a hit! I got compliments from strangers in line at Mitchell's Ice Cream (fetching a delicious Mexican chocolate ice cream cake for the guest of honor) and party-goers alike. I really, really wish I'd gotten a photograph of the Noam Chomsky tote bag this one girl had, it was highly excellent.

I didn't actually fall asleep in this stairwell. It was an early night. Want details, dear readers? OKEEDOKEE:

Dress, thrifted Blazer, Paper Doll Clothing L.A. Leggings, Nordstrom Rack Shoes, Modcloth Bag, Betsey Johnson Belt, NO IDEA (maybe Buffalo Exchange) Black Onyx Pendant, vintage


Sometimes I really stick my head where it should not go. Like into tiny puppy houses. Did I mention that M might bring me some creamsicle kittens tomorrow? It's true. She might.