Just Once

I don't know what's happening,  but I've fully intersected my existing nudie girl wardrobe with a mean 70s vibe. There are two unexpected upsides to this recent development:

1. People always compliment my outfits. 2. Shit is comfortable. Like really cozy.

It's been a breezy, dreamy weekend! There was dinner with my best friend on Friday night at Oakland's Boot + Shoe Service: she got me the most elegant, delicate silver necklace with a diamond infinity pendant and we shared a killer dessert - a chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream garnished with olive oil and sea salts!

I had an early horseback riding lesson Saturday morning, and the weather was beautiful despite it being miserable back at home. We escaped it by heading over the bay back to Oakland's impervious-to-Pacific-Ocean fog sunshine Saturday with the tomboy, thrifting the irresistible wares at Pretty Penny and eating and drinking on College Avenue (Hudson's cocktails in particular were rather good - we tried the My Dear Watson and Prufrock Dilemma). Sadly, I insisted we end the night with Atlas Shrugged and it was spectacularly awful. (Thank goodness for palate cleansing hottie Eva Green on the new Camelot series.)


Two other femmes and I met at Alembic for brunch in the Haight, then set out to Workshop, an incredible space that offers all manner of DIY classes for super affordable prices. Want to sew? Done. Want to make baby pies in a jar? Done. What about mixology, street art stenciling, quilting, heavy metal aerobics, becoming a cheese aficionado or basic bike maintenance? DONE AND DONE. It was our first time taking any of their classes and we learned how to sew beer cozies (koozies? titties?) and cute little sock monsters, in addition to locking down the essential skills required to make any sewing machine your bitch.

Plus, they fed us beer (for the cozies) and our teacher, Carmen, was super cute, laid back but still encouraging. We're SO going back for more, esp. since they're planning to put new stuff like Beauty School Dropout and Make Your Own Sundress on the menu!

Trousers: Asos Silk Camisole: Lux Bag: Freebird by The Sak Aviators: Ray-Ban Bracelet: Lori's Shoes Rings: Pretty Penny (small), H&M (large) Necklace: Isla Mujeres street stand

PS. The denim vest was a score from a friend's moving sale. Howdy, Miss Kitty!