Juggling July

01-P2780509 The other day I saw Refinery 29's 31 Awesome Outfits To Copy All July Long and scrolled through to the first outfit (and only the first outfit).

"Cute," I thought, "Hey, I have that one Free People blazer and a fistful of cutoff shorts and tanks, I can totally do a version of this." So I did, and then of course came this revelation, "Hey, why don't I do all 31 outfits for July?"

I mean, why not?


Well, I have no idea what's past Day 3 and decided I'll only peek to the next day's outfit for planning purposes - no spoilers! It should be fun, at times inevitably a little nuts (R29 has got its head on mostly straight, but can go a little nuts or astray every once in a while), but ultimately a nice exercise in translating a concept like this into real everyday wear. As they'll be more frequent, expect them to be a bit shorter than normal.

So here we go on a bit of a journey together...



Day 1: "Leave your stuffy blazers for winter. A lightweight floral number matches perfectly with white cutoffs and an easy tank."

I don't own a pair of white cutoffs so this RVCA pair had to do. A blush pink tank from H&M went on under the blazer, and I strapped on this pair of patent Enzo Angiolini sandals for some height and polish - the cream and shades of purple went well with the florals in the blazer. (This is a fun pair under $100 if you like the natural two-tone violet thing, and these strappy DvF knockouts in cherry red, fuchsia and royal purple suede seem worth the $298 price tag if you're feeling glamorous.)


A mix of gold-tone and natural bamboo bracelets, big vintage ring, long triangle earrings in gold that swing through my (air-dried and brushed from the shower without a lick of styling, hence the fluffiness) hair, and a long gold chain from Jewelmint gave things a bit of sparkle. I brought my Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses (similar here) but there was no need on this stroll since the sun was hiding behind a layer of overcast.

All in all, I like this outfit, and while I won't be adding white cutoffs to my wardrobe, I can definitely see how a fun pair in lilac or a sea green or blue are a welcome alternative to traditional denim. The next challenge requires even more creativity on my part since it requires a miniskirt. Somehow I don't own a single miniskirt. Minidress, yes. Stay tuned!


11-131 July-001


I really enjoy all the gardens and pretty yards in our neighborhood, but I love the wildflowers that have really taken off in our own. I'm torn between wanting to enjoy them there and grabbing fistfuls to put in vases all over the house!

Last Saturday we spent about two hours at a nearby nursery and double that sweating over getting some new trees, flowering shrubs and piles of annuals and perennials into the ground. We also wrestled out an entire bin's worth of Chinese forget-me-nots, which drive me insane and are my gardening nemesis, and they definitely left some blank spots to fill in the landscape.

Work is truly never done in a garden, our wise neighbor-lady is certainly right about that. But it's worth it, and we're definitely getting there.


Who knew that wild, unkempt English garden look actually required so much effort? It won't be complete until we get a few rosebushes in, and so we'll need to figure out the timing and cost on getting some in. If any of you out there have a green thumb and want to put in your two cents, I'm all ears.



Who's doing what for the 4th? We're so, so excited to set sail on the Roseway, a beautiful old schooner built in 1925 and fully restored to its glory days. It sets off at sundown and we'll get to see the famous Boston fireworks from the water, which thrills me to no end. I can't wait! Celebrate safely, my friends!