Ivy League

1-DSC03036-003 It was not very New England of me to wake up and feel like denim-on-denim was the only way to go, but I did it anyway. High-waisted Gap jeans paired with an ultra-thick boy's oxford from Ralph Lauren. Deal with it.


That not-so-sweet Gunny doesn't appear to be a fan, or perhaps he just doesn't appreciate the humans interfering with his precious outside time. SPOILED BRAT CAT. Really loving the double-trouble rose gold Erin Fetherston x Jewelmint bangles for a little girly clang-clang.




Fall is in full swing, obviously. I wonder if we're having an unusually long one, but either way, I'm glad it seems like it. We've missed a few primo weekends on account of nonstop car shopping and research, but I'm super relieved to say we returned the rental today and I'm picking up the new baby tomorrow night after work!

Seeing some epic weekend road trips in our future.


Bringing in some tawny, chestnut neutrals in the form of accessories tempered the boldness of the blues and scarlet coat. These Bandolino pumps, scored on a random lunchtime trip to DSW, are insanely comfortable thanks to the rubber sole and heel and that chunky heel.

I looked high and low for the same pair in black for work to no avail, but I am desperate for a well-made, comfortable, simple but chic black heel - and with winter weather and downtown Boston streets to contend with, the chunky heel is a must. Let me know if you've seen anything that might fit the bill in the comments! The bag is a Cynthia Rowley oldie but goodie, the pea coat a Woodstock, Vermont boutique find.


We couldn't believe that some neighborhood kids were actually playing outdoor ice hockey in the background. Ice hockey? Outside? In early October? WHAT IS THIS BIZARRE LAND.






Side note: If any of you sweet readers happen to be transfeminine people of any and all shapes, colors, sizes, abilities, and styles, and would be interested in being part of a super fun, Boston-based Qwear photo shoot, click here to find out more. The date is November 15th, and the photos will be used for their Femme Faetale series. Don't be shy if this sounds like something you'd be into!



In devastating news from back home, the Lex is closing in 2015. It's really difficult to articulate how deeply this shook us way out here. San Francisco is a known heart-stealer, but presumably when you leave your heart there you can always go back to it, at least. I'm feeling less and less like that's so these days.

I'm guilty as charged as one of countless families who prioritized their kid's education over allegiance to the city and left home and family behind. I didn't want to, but that's sacrifice. That's the very definition of risk/upside (and I'd be lying if I said I didn't always harbor the hope that all this would be more or less temporary). So I think often about people, families especially, who haven't got the means and/or resources to tough it out and stay in the place they call home. Leaving because it's the only way not to go bankrupt or homeless or hungry is a tough call for anyone to have to make; choosing between a decent quality of life and staying where you feel you belong is a dolorous dilemma indeed. I think of folks who don't have the resources or means to leave even if they need to, and how extremely vulnerable they are, whether they call San Francisco home or not. I've always rigorously welcomed change but this, this is rough to witness.


In a lot of ways, the city's sole lesbian bar closing - despite what some articles say, this was it for us as far as a permanent cornerstone - is a particularly alarming death knell for the SF I know and was born and married in and fiercely adore.

The news has done the unthinkable and made me love the city a little less, but the Lex will live on (and how!) in my, and so many others', hearts. People came from all over the world to walk through those doors, and I'll never forget the first time I did.

San Francisco, when it breaks hearts, sinks them utterly, but for better or worse, it'll always be home.

Next up, my DC adventures from last week! But first, darling, it's a cold October.