It should be forever, God told me.

yellow-top Confession: It has come to my attention that when it comes to music, I am a fast sucker for a good horn section. Triumphant horns, despondent horns, horns that shout jubilation through a downpour of misery gasping for air - give it all to me, I'll take it. Most recently it's manifested in Beirut's entire discography and Carina Round's new song, Backseat, from her newly released EP "Things You Should Know." (The EP is kind of all over the place - I'm hearing Evanescence and Mazzy Star and she's used to getting a great deal of PJ Harvey comparisons, as well - but she's got quite a pretty, clear-as-a-bell voice. Plus, she's really cute!) Anyway, it's my favorite off the EP, with a lovely crescendo of horns toward the end. I adore it.

I get into the same sort of helpless state in the last bit of Bright Eyes' Nothing Gets Crossed Out, which has got horns and much, much more. Songs that level you, you know? I've been leveled. So that's how this post got named what it did. She sings those words like she's just seen the last sliver of her life's love walk off into the sunset, never to return, and she's just sort of whimpering it into the wind, not quite sure whether or not she can stay upright. I told you. (Well, what would you sound like?) Onto cheerful things!

Scent: Italian invasion! There isn't too much to say about Gianni Campagna's Gelsomino. It's wild Italian jasmine, so sultry and a little bit bossy or overbearing. Exquisite, but can be overwhelming and can knock you over with one sniff! In a good way, I think, for something this concentrated and intense, you really do have to apply it very sparingly and let it just sort of waft around you. Others get notes of cedar and clean sea air, even bergamot, but I'm not sure. It might also be for men, but I cannot imagine it.  Here's some pretty wild jasmine to look at AND the actual bottle.

PS. My sewing machine is supposed to arrive today! Tonight! NOW! I'm going to run downstairs now and check.