2-Collages January's been very rude, hasn't she, rushing and bustling and brisk with no concern at all for blogging. The nerve.

Since I was here last, the tomboy and I were in loverbird mode, preparing ourselves for a week of separation while she flew back to ye olde Silicon Valley for work. It being a long holiday weekend, we made the best of it, and so I flew out to meet her on Friday morning. I giddily packed nothing heavier than a leather jacket and hardly slept a wink on the flight, and my heart jumped when she pulled up to the curb at SFO in the cutest pepper white Mini Cooper. (The thing only had 400 miles on it and smelled like new car heaven.)

But her voice was hoarse and fading fast, along with her good health! We didn't realize it quite yet, but she'd succumbed to the SF super virus that's been going around, the poor thing. So we went to Tacolicious, loaded up on blessedly delicious tacos and margaritas, and checked into our epic suite at Le Meridien...where we ended up staying holed up for most of the weekend. Oh dear!


I know, I know. Worse things have happened than being stuck with an 18th floor bay view of one of the most beautiful cities on earth, and contrary to M's belief that she "ruined" our weekend, it just felt good to be back in the bay with my girl, and to sneak in a little bit of quality time with the family and a few friends. Of course we're all home now, and she's feeling like herself again. I somehow narrowly escaped catching whatever she had and we'll be back in October for my little brother's wedding. Speaking of, my future SIL asked me to style her hair for the occasion! So sweet and such a cute little honor, and of course I happily accepted!

More photos to come, but for now here are my favorite Instragram photos from the weekend. Enjoy!