Left to right, top row: A T-Rex at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, M stands watch over the grill, more T-Rex. Left to right, middle: Selfie at the vanity, strawberries from our local farm, plus stripes, navy and cherry red nails.  Left to right, bottom row: Our living room, Lillet on a hot summer night, a sleepy old lion at the zoo.  

One more insta-femme post for August. One more weekend of summer left. It's bittersweet, so I'm pretending that September is one more month - to make up for the June that we missed out here at the beginning of the season!

Left to right, top row: Breakfast at a neighborhood cafe, Chipotle hunting squirrels, precious girly things.  Left to right, middle: Sparklers in the backyard, at the House of Blues for a Beirut show, cupcakes!  Left to right, bottom row: Sneak peek of a new FFAF post, shells at a nearby boathouse, the Community Rowing building. 

It's definitely eased up on being scorching hot! The weather kind of hovers in the perfect zone of mid-70s to mid-80s, and we have exciting plans for the weekend. Last-minute back to school errands for the petite (she starts her freshman year on Tuesday!), a beach day, and a fun trip to the Museum of Science. We'd love to sneak off for the weekend, but the teenager is having mega-FEELS about high school, so we're keeping her close to home to be on the safe side.

We've also decided to learn to row together at Community Rowing, so that'll be a new adventure. (Added to our forays into fencing and horseback riding, it's kind of an embarrassingly preppy trifecta, but what can you do?!) It's going to be a blast.

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday!