More Insta-femme! Man, it's been awhile, I haven't done one of these since May. From left to right, starting at the top!

  • M & I enjoying the delicious ice cream from Porky's Snack Shack at Sandy Neck Beach on the Cape. The Pru. More Sandy Neck beachy times.
  • The sails of the historic Roseway, a 137' schooner built in 1920. M with an adult beverage aboard said schooner, on a sunset cruise I gifted her for her birthday. The Boston skyline against a soggy, stormy sky.
  • Tomboy twins in Jamaica Plain. Festive Bastille Day decor. My mama and I at the Bleacher Bar at Fenway!
Speaking of the Cape, Lez Roll posted a mini-recap of last weekend's fun at the Cape Cod lake house we stayed at with some friends, check it out!

We'd heard so many wonderful things about a nearby gem, Allandale Farms, from our pals in JP and it definitely lived up to all of the hype! I think 80% of our new garden came right from their greenhouses, and they have farm-fresh fruits, veggies and other goodies as well. It's one of the first routes we've fully memorized! In the above left photo, M is standing by the fence overlooking one of their ponds. You won't believe it, but not a stone's throw away they've got some bison wandering around!

The ones with the pink and purple striped dress (vintage! and I altered it myself with the sewing machine!) are from a little bit of gardening that M & I did on Saturday afternoon. We had ten bags of mulch to spread out, and five new plants to get in the ground (more lavender, a beautiful, lacy, pale blue-lavender hibiscus called Rose of Sharon and a few bright, sunny bushes of tickseed), but it kept threatening to rain on us so I didn't bother to change. Of course it never did and this dress got filthy, but was like new again after one wash. And since when is "ten bags of mulch and five new plants" a little bit of a gardening to me?! I don't think I've ever gardened a day in my life before moving here. We've only had one casualty so far - the big hydrangea we had to transplant from one end of the garden to another - but the rest are doing really well, which is saying something since I've never been the kind of girl who can keep even houseplants alive.

The last photo is of the petite's room-in-progress, but more so the afternoon we spent planning out her back-to-school wardrobe using tear sheets she'd pulled for inspiration, and a mix of old and new items to assemble different outfits. We were trying to see where there were gaps and refine what was left on the shopping list! It was lots of fun, and she's really excited. It's still so surreal that she'll be starting her freshman year of high school in less than a month...

That's all for now! Hope everyone had awesome weekends and that Monday is kind!