I'm Not Scared Of You!

Black Belted VelvetCollages3Black Belted Velvet1 CONFESSION: In spite of the fact that this dress is super fun, I'm getting the distinct feeling that old 2009 isn't going to go without a fight. You know what, 2009? EAT A BAG OF DICKS AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD TRASH! I'm not scared of you. You, my friend, are on your last wonky leg. (No offense to bona fide wonky-legged pups - they are precious and deserve nothing but endless love.)

Perhaps that's a bit unfair. 2009 wasn't exactly bad, I mean, it wasn't full of absolute misery and suffering, not at all. It was simply a year of bipolar highs and lows, and I am only saying, "We had a good run, 2009, you taught me a lot and I don't regret the stellar changes and growth you saw me through. But you were a little unfair, a little hysterical, you threw one too many hissyfits and, in the end, you just weren't there for me. You were kind of a cocktease, also. Your upside just isn't good enough, considering all of the risk." Harsh? Perhaps.

C'est la vie! 2010 is a fresh start. Go on. Touch me.