I still recall the thrill.

dsc096131 dsc096241 dsc096172 When: Saturday, Jan. 3rd, 2008.

Tomboy What: RVCA jeans (x-mas gift!), black t-shirt from the Gap, gray wool coat from Zara for Men, with custom-made, DIY champagne bottle cap buttons. Black belt-with-holes from H&M, sunglasses by Spy Optic bought in Old San Juan (sniff) and black Kenneth Cole boots.

Tomboy Scent: That dandy one Skinny suggested I try. It smells like guys who wear bad rayon shirts, drive shitty cars and secretly spy on their girlfriends by following them to and from work. It smells like a clingy, insecure person. Repulsive.

Tomboy Confession: I really do slather almost all of my food in lime or lemon juice, as mentioned in the previous post. We had a senior citizen's dinner at 4pm tonight at Regalito. I ordered the Regalito chicken and guess what? It already comes slathered in lime!! I feel supported in my madness.


Femme What: Black dress by Laundry by Shelli Segal, cotton cardigan in a nice oatmeal color by Kersh Essentials, peacock tights from modcloth.com. Black leather bag from Betsey Johnson, yellow rainbow scarf from Peru by way of a surf 'n skate shop in Bodega Bay and brown leather and suede lace-up peep-toe oxfords by Elie Tahari.

Femme Confession: Despite a bit of galivanting in SF today, I'm still fighting the last wee traces of a cold off. A cough here, sniffle there...the lingering just obnoxious enough to keep me from feeling 100% again. It was such a crispy, clear and beautiful day. We made a very pleasant trip to Mr. & Madame S in SOMA, followed by a ruined attempt to eat at The Slanted Door in the Ferry Building (only their lounge was open) but ended up having a delicious meal at Regalito, followed by a drink (I tried a Jameson & ginger for the first time - amazing!) at The Lex, SF's only 24-7 lesbian bar.