Hotsy Dotsy

Howdy, sweet readers! How has everybody's week been? Aside from being crowned Miss Autostraddle Hot 100 (okay, there are 100 of us, but still), which is amazing and wonderful, mine's been wack! Wanna know why?

  • Sick tomboy
  • It's raining or fog-spitting today
  • Tuesday tennis canceled due to sickness
  • Finding out the hard way you should NEVER work out at lunch
  • Finding out the hard way there is A LOT of nudity in gym locker rooms (I'm a prude)
  • Finding out the hard way that an hour-long "power conditioning" class is NOT the best way to ease into things, in fact, that's probably the best way to pass out/puke/want to die

I really kind of wanted to go to a fancy lesbian party last night (Flourish, natch), but the tomboy was sick (and studying), the friend who might have gone with me played the I hella live in Oakland card (hi BCW, sorry BCW, love you BCW), and let's face it: If the thought of climbing up and down the flight of stairs in my house makes every inch of my hopelessly sore body want to whimper and curl up oh wait that would really hurt right now nevermind sleep on the couch instead of in bed, the last thing my ass needed was a slick dance floor. I'd probably have ended up in a wheelchair.

In short, lessons learned: Never work out when you can't go home to shower immediately afterward, meet with personal trainer BEFORE jumping into the deep end. My appointment with her (she scares me) is on Tuesday, and in the meantime the Stairmaster and I are BFFs.

It rained for a hot second yesterday, but we've been graced with some sunshine this week, finally. I think we, as San Franciscans, forget every single year what a dirty, underhanded tease Spring can be. Moody, erratic, and has you completely eating out of her fickle little palm for any little scrap she feels like throwing you. We're all sad, panting dogs waiting at the door for Spring.


So here's a new dress. It's from Delia's, and it's got polka dots! It's a great, gauzy cotton that's off-white, actually, and I'm tempted to let the hem down two inches or so, making it fall a bit more demurely at the knee. What do you think? I also think it needs to be paired with a great pair of bright yellow or green heels, but believe it or not, I've been looking like mad and not quite finding anything that doesn't cost an obscene amount of money, for example these:

Drop your girl a line if you've seen anything dreamy along those lines for $100-$200, would you? Danke. I might try the dress with my nudie girl flats, or some sandals, or maybe even my nude snakeskin pumps with some bright, kicky socks.

Check out M's super foxy new Dior Homme glasses! They're very handsome, and go fabulously with her Don Draper hair. I have to get a shot of her other new pair from Warby Parker; they're a bit more retro nerd chic, but just as sexy. We couldn't be happier with the level of quality and service from Warby Parker, by the way, if you're in the market for prescription glasses, the whole shebang is $95, and shipping is lightning fast. (We ordered hers late on a Tuesday and they arrived exactly one week later.)

Dress: Delia's Shoes: Arturo Chiang Headband: Ichiban Kan Skinny Minty Belt: Asos Wallet: Matt & Nat Sunglasses: Elle Earrings: Gift from me mum!

PS. New Seychelles kicks as per the comment silliness below: